Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Amy Butler Madison Bag Clutch in Action

Originally uploaded by Sharon Sews
Some of you may have noticed there are now three contributors to the Adventures in the Sewing Studio blog. You've met Kait previously - she's one of my lovely nieces, the one who sewed the fabulous vintage 70s halter dress out of an Amy Butler print.

And now I'm happy to introduce to you our latest contributor - Julie! She's fairly new to sewing and really has a talent for it. She has a good eye for color and design and with just a bit of guidance I'm certain she'll soon be sewing anything and everything.

Soon she'll tell you in her own words about her adventures in sewing, but in the meantime I'm too excited to wait. So here is she is with her latest sewing project - the completed Amy Butler Madison bag.

Be sure to stop back when she posts and welcome her to the fabulous world of sewing!
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