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Christmas wishes

Aaaah, the memories of Christmas past when wishes came true with just a whisper in Santa's ear. I wish you happiness and joy as you celebrate with your loved ones with holiday season.

Oh no you didn't. Oh yea. I did.

Sew a snuggie that is. Well, technically, it's a comfy blanket. After all, I used a pattern - McCall's 5970 . Tomato - tomahto. They're the same thing. A big blankie with sleeves. Now stop snickering. I sewed it for a good cause. Someone I know and love dearly wants one. So of course, why would I spend $19.95 to purchase one when I can spend the same amount of money and make it myself. Yea, that's right. You're likely not going to save money making one yourself, but you will get to choose your color and quality of fabric. In this case, the intended recipient loves the color purple so this comfy blanket was made using a plush deep purple fleece. But wait! There's more. Unlike the snuggie, the comfy blanket includes two big pockets - one at the center front to keep your hands warm and one on the inside of the lower front to keep your tootsies warm. I even have enough purple fleece left over to sew more Barbie snuggies :-) By the way, if you decide to use this