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The #SimoneMcCalls Ruffle Pants ~ McCall's 8098 Pattern Review

Nope this is not a tiered maxi skirt - it's a fabulous pair of pants with a boho vibe.  The pattern is the #SimoneMcCalls - better known as McCall's 8098 .  It was a spring 2020 release, and a pattern I purchased online, on sale for $3.99, right before the warehouse shut down. That sale may have been the last of the $3.99 pattern sales from the McCall's website , as the "sale" they had over the Memorial weekend was buy two get one free. I love these pants, but if I had taken advantage of that last "sale", this pattern would have cost me about $9.  No thanks.  I think after years of offering $3.99 ($6.99 for Vogue) pattern sales it will take a long time to retrain people (in the U.S. anyway) to think that buy two get one is a good deal. Fortunately I have a lot of patterns, after all I've been sewing for many, many years. And yes, I could have figured out how to make these pants from an elastic waist pants pattern. Which is something I may need