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The Ruffle Collar Pullover Top: a review of Vogue 1515

"Oooo, that collar on your top is fabulous!" exclaimed a fellow church-goer as we exited the morning service. I have to admit, I feel the same way. I love the collar on this top!  This is Vogue 1515, a Sandra Betzina design that was released for fall 2016.  The pullover top is described as loose-fitting with an elasticized collar that forms a ruffle. Fabric suggestions are boiled wool, low pile fake fur (hmmmm....maybe), and silk dupioni.  I, of course, didn't bother to check the fabric suggestions and choose to sew my new top out of this highly elasticized knit floral print that raveled whenever I gave it a sideways glance.  The other challenge with this fabric is that, while it stretched (a lot!) it did not have a lot of recovery.  I fused bias tape to the neckline and armhole edges as soon as I removed the pattern pieces to ensure they didn't stretch out of shape. The top has a boxy shape and is very loose-fitting. I sewed my normal size for Today's Fi