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Vogue 7971 Skirt - Playing with Stripes

   Last May, when I attended the Pattern Review Weekend in Austin, TX , this striped fabric was one of my purchases. There are bias stripes sewn to the navy cotton background.  Honestly, I wasn't completely sure what I wanted to sew with the fabric, but purchased some not knowing if I'd be able to find something similar at home. The fabric hung in my closet waiting for inspiration for these past 11 months.  Unlike Lisette (who I met at PR weekend! She is absolutely lovely inside and out) who purchased the same fabric and used it within weeks to sew her darling Simplicity 2413 skirt . I think I got stuck on what to sew as the prints had a bit of a "Little House on the Prairie" feel to me. Whatever I choose,  I didn't want it to look "80s" or "crafty". Eventually I decided on Vogue 7971, a skirt design released in 2004. I came across it as I was making a donation pile for the local thrift store. I actually pulled it back out of the