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A Short Jacket Vest in Wool and Faux Leather - Burda 09/2018 #109

I changed jobs recently, and one of the negatives is my new office is C-O-L-D!  Not only am I adapting my work wardrobe to be more casual, I've discovered I need multiple layers to be semi-comfortable in my office.  That's why I choose this pattern for my December BurdaStyle project.  It's described as a short jacket, although I think of it as a vest.  I made two versions. One from faux leather (on left) and the other from a medium-weight wool. I have a third version cut out from a sheer fabric, however I haven't sewn it yet. The wool fabric is black with small taupe flowers. It's actually reversible but I wear more black than taupe so I went with that as the "right" side.  The fabric was purchased locally at SR Harris - of course :-)  And there was still some left on the bolt when I was there last weekend...just saying. Oh my goodness! This fabric is so beautiful in person, but yikes, what a challenge it was to sew. It raveled like crazy. And of c