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Hmmm, now that was a dumb idea

Ever had one of those ah-ha moments? You know, when you just figured out the best solution ever to your little nagging problem? One of those flashes of brilliance hit me just the other day. I was busy sewing my circle skirt, (after those silly sewing four-legged sewing companions got bored and left the room long enough for me to actually cut out the skirt!  and from your comments I see I'm not the only one with "helpful" sewing buddies). Anyway, as I was saying. I was busy sewing my circle skirt and realized the fabric was a bit sheerer than I had anticipated.  Having a bit of a phobia about wearing see-through clothing ( remind me to share one that embarrassing moment in fashion with you someday. ) I realized I'd have to wear a slip with this skirt. Okay, so raise your hand if you want to wear a slip under a summer skirt.  Nope, me neither. "Ah-ha!" I thought.  "I can just add a cotton lining.  Just a partial lining so it doesn't get

Circle (skirt) Cutting Challenges

Decided I wanted an end of summer maxi skirt. Not just a maxi skirt, but a circle maxi skirt. As I was getting ready to do all those math calculations ( see, aren't you glad you paid attention in match class when you really wanted to be creating and oil painting in art class?  Oh, wait, maybe that was just me ) I said to myself " Why bother with all those calculations when Simplicity 2233 has done all the work for me?" Even though the Suede patterns kinda bug me.  Oh, not the designs. I do find them cute.  Just the third person "Suede says" stuff... But back to the circle skirt. Do you know how challenging cutting out a maxi circle skirt can be? First of all you need lots and lots of Fabric.  For this pattern, almost 6 yards of 45" wide fabric or 5 yards of 60" wide fabric. I had just over four yards. But shoot. I had my heart set on using this fabric for this skirt so I would just have to make it work. In the end I simply shortened