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RetroRama 6 - fun, fashion and photos

Okay, so it's been more than a week since I attended RetroRama.  I meant to post some photos right away, but my-oh-my was it a busy week. One reason I've been so sporadic in my postings is that I was enrolled in a year long program that kept me away from home one night a week ( and putting in some study time in between).  I'm happy to report that I graduated yesterday  and am really l ooking forward to having some free time again. So I had to delay the RetroRama recap just a bit. I wasn't 100 percent certain I'd attend again after last year's event. In my opinion, last year's was a bit meh.  Looking back, I suspect it had more to do with where I was at versus the event itself. After all, my son was still battling his brain tumor and I really wasn't too excited to do much of anything. However this year did not fail to delight.  It was well planned and executed with a lot of attendees and activities to participate in. You all know the main even