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The Style Arc Daphne Duo Tunic

I made this Style Arc Daphne Duo Tunic last March and wore it for the first time today.  It's perfect for running errands on the weekend. The description of the Daphne Duo Tunic (from Style Arc's website): A tunic pattern that is simple but the interesting hem tucks gives this overtop the new cocoon shape. Oversized but flattering it is perfect with our Daphne Duo Pant. It can be worn casually or add a necklace or scarf for a great special occasion look. The fabric suggestions are crepe, linen, and any soft woven,  I choose a lightweight cotton and I think the fabric didn't have quite enough drape for the design. The bottom tucks don't fall as nicely on mine as on the modeled garment on the Style Arc website.  The cocoon shape is achieved with tucks on each side front and side back. It's a cool design feature, and the tucks almost looks like pockets. I made zero alterations to the pattern before sewing as I was interested in seeing how it fit ri

The Peacock Dress: Vogue 1336

This Sandra Betzina color-blocked dress design was exactly what I was looking for when I wanted to showcase a peacock panel from Emma One Sock. On rare occasions, Emma One Sock will post a bundle of coordinated color fabrics made up of small pieces.  The bundles typically sell very quickly. However, a few months ago I managed to purchase one made up of blue fabrics.  The pieces ranged from 11" to nearly 1 yard each, some with areas partially cut out.  I was especially thrilled to find almost one full panel of a peacock knit panel that I had sold out before I was able to make a purchase. I knew I wanted to sew a summer dress with this fabric as the focal point, but didn't want it to be overpowering. I choose Vogue 1336 (c. 2013) and was able to find two other pieces of fabric from the bundle that worked well together. The only adjustment I made to the pattern was to lengthen the bodice piece by 1" as I wanted to make sure the seam fell below my bust.  Next