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Vogue 8379 wrap dress pattern review

It's about time! Am I the last person in sewing blogland to sew this dress? What dress you ask? Why the oh-so-popular Vogue 8379 wrap dress pattern. The wrap dress that now has 31 reviews over at PatternReview. Do you recognize the fabric I used? Maybe you do, maybe you don't. The fabric is from the Kwik Sew wrap dress I sewed in March of 2007. That dress ended up with too much ease so I tucked it away planning to rip it apart and resew it another day. Well, I recently rediscovered the dress while clearing out old UFOs. Many of the UFOs ended up being tossed ( gasp! yes, it's true, but many of the UFOs were too large, especially in the bust, and sometimes it doesn't make sense to rework an item ). This one I just couldn't toss - it may be an ugly dress but it was made from gorgeous fabric. This seemed like the perfect time to try out the Vogue pattern that every sewer I know is raving about. I took the Kwik Sew dress apart and recut the dress using the Vogu

The Amy Butler Madison Bag Clutch in Action

JulieClutch Originally uploaded by Sharon Sews Some of you may have noticed there are now three contributors to the Adventures in the Sewing Studio blog. You've met Kait previously - she's one of my lovely nieces, the one who sewed the fabulous vintage 70s halter dress out of an Amy Butler print. And now I'm happy to introduce to you our latest contributor - Julie! She's fairly new to sewing and really has a talent for it. She has a good eye for color and design and with just a bit of guidance I'm certain she'll soon be sewing anything and everything. Soon she'll tell you in her own words about her adventures in sewing, but in the meantime I'm too excited to wait. So here is she is with her latest sewing project - the completed Amy Butler Madison bag. Be sure to stop back when she posts and welcome her to the fabulous world of sewing!

Vogue 8518 skirt - in progress pattern review

If you've been reading my blog for any length of time, you shouldn't be too surprised to learn that I have sewn yet another skirt. What can I say? I like the versatility of skirts - I can wear them with a sweater set, or with a blouse, or even with a tee and toss a jacket on to complete the look. And this one is divine. I'm loving the asymmetrical shaped yoke combined with the inverted pleat and the tapered silhouette. Then of course there is the r aised back waistline that ends in a peak at the center back above the waistline. At this point, I'm undecided on that design element of this skirt. Personally, I rarely wear tops tucked into my skirts any longer, and when I do I almost always have a jacket or cardigan sweater on also. However, I figured I'd sew it as designed, wear it and then decide whether or not to redo the waistline. This particular skirt is still in progress . You'll see why I put it aside soon enough. In the meantime I'm eager to sha