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Still plugging away - McCall's 6294 jacket

The jacket, McCall's 6294 , is slowly coming together.  During the cold winter months I would have had this baby done and mixed into my wardrobe by now.  But during the summer months I can't bear to be shut up in my sewing studio when there is gorgeous weather to be enjoyed outside. This past week the weather, combined with a busy evening schedule,  provided brief opportunities for sewing.   When I say brief, I actually mean very brief. As in 15 minutes here, 20 minutes there. Do you ever have weeks like that?  I don't know about you but I'm often  tempted to say " why waste 15 minutes know you won't get much done" .  But I ignore that little voice and sew a seam or two and before you know it I'm closer to a completed jacket. Back to the progress on this particular jacket. The lining is partially in.  I see that I mismarked the bottom edge slightly (ahem...okay, more than just slightly) and will need to redo that seam. Right no

DIY - An easy to sew strapless maxi dress tutorial

  Combine a few yards of fabric with a few hours of your time and you'll be ready to beat the summer heat in style! It's the perfect sewing project for a beginner.  It consists of sewing two fabric rectangles together with an elastic casing at the dress top and at the waistline. I found the fabric, belt and even the bias tape used for the casing in a thrift store, so total investment for my "Island Dreams" maxi dress was less than $10. I call this my Island Dreams dress as it reminds me of hot weather, lush flowers and refreshing drinks served with little umbrellas. Here's how you can sew your own Island Dreams maxi dress (or swim suit cover-up if you prefer). Materials needed Lightweight woven fabric 45” wide - enough yardage to cut two dress lengths.  You’ll determine the dress length in the next step.  Choose a lightweight fabric as the width of the dress is about 64" when sewn.  If you want less ease just cut your rectangles narrower.  Thread 1

The a jacket a month project (finally) begins

Okay, so I thought I would begin the A Jacket A Month project a few months ago. Like six months ago to be exact. That's not so bad.  After all, I almost have one finished. It's a little linen number using a newer McCall's design - McCall's 6294  McCall's 6294, Melissa Watson for Palmer / Pletsch (image from ) I'm sewing the shorter version in a natural linen that has just a hint of metallic threads woven through out. The fabric was purchased at ... wait for it ... wait for it... wait for it... JoAnn Fabrics! I know, right?  It surprised me too.  We'll see how it holds up, but so far I don't think its too bad. So far so good on the jacket.  Nothing unusual on the construction end.  One interesting detail I want to point out before I go. That wide collar is one of the easiest collars I've ever sewn. The label is actually two pieces with a seam that meets at the point. And there you hav