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Sew It All 8: Silk Pants, Striped Skirt, T-shirt Refashion and more

Sew It All Volume 8 will be on newsstands June 17. Inside you'll find dozens of projects to sew - including three of mine.  I haven't seen a copy of the magazine yet, but the editors sent me the images of my projects so I could share them with you.  I really like how they styled the garments for the photo shoots. My favorite project is these wide-legged, silk, border-print pants.  You'll find the instructions for the "What a Waist" pants in the magazine and can download the pants pattern from the Sew It All website . Next is a striped skirt sewn with alternating bands of solid and print cotton fabric.  You won't even need a pattern for this one.  Complete instructions for the "Show Your Stripes" skirt are in the magazine.  The third project is a t-shirt refashion. It will fit you perfectly as you start with two t-shirts in your size.  The magazine instructions will tell you where to cut the shirts apart and how to sew them into this ruffl