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Will I survive? Going offline for a week...

I admit, the title's a bit dramatic. But I gotta tell you that when I decided to go offline for a week I had second thoughts about it. *LOL* Good grief, it's only a week. We have too much going on right now for me to spend time on the computer so you won't see any blog posts, or Twitter and Facebook updates from me until next week. That also means I won't be reading all your wonderful blog posts and Twitter and Facebook updates. See you in a week!

Best Buy doesn't want my money

"I can't sell that to you until next week." As the sales associate uttered those words my husband and I looked at each other in disbelief. "You're kidding, right?" Alas, no. Let me return to the beginning of the story. We've been contemplating the purchase of a laptop for quite some time now. Actually for about six months - ever since our previous one died. Our home computer was beginning to act up and we could put a mobile computer to good use at an upcoming event, so we decided last night was the night. The night a laptop was coming home with us. Best Buy was the logical choice as they're a retail outlet conveniently located near to us. You know, the kind of store where you walk in, find what you want, pay for it and leave with merchandise in hand and a big smile on your face. As we entered the store, the door guard - er - greeter, cheerfully acknowledged us. Since we've been in the store numerous times we knew exactly where we were going and

Vogue 1128 coat progress

As I mentioned yesterday , I'm trying to whip this coat up quickly so I'll be able to wear it a few times before this year's snow and cold set in for good. So in between the usual weekend fun - (you know the fun I'm talking about - laundry, grocery shopping, cleaning) - I managed to spend a couple hours working on the coat . Both the coat and the lining are sewn. All that's needed to complete the coat is to sew in the lining, add a large button, and sew the hems. As I was sewing I was listening to Lori's latest podcast . One thing that struck me was her comment regarding the need to really get back into the rhythm of sewing after having been away from it for a while. I can really relate to that. When I don't sew on a regular basis I find that it takes me longer to do things, I make more errors, and I need to refer to sewing instructions more often. Is that true for you also ? Case in point. As I was working on the coat I managed to sew the pocket welts