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One Year Blogoversary

Happy Blogoversary to me! Four years ago a family member began blogging. He sent us all his link via e-mail, I checked it and thought"oh that looks interesting", and promptly forgot to bookmark the url. I grew tired of continuously asking him to send me his blog link and gradually I forgot about blogging. Until a year ago that is. I had been reading more and more sewing blogs and decided a blog would be fun! It could be used as a sewing diary as well as a place to keep track of my ever growing sewing pattern collection. Besides, I heard rumors of the beginnings of a blog at work so I *needed* to know how to do one! But a name, I needed a name. All the cute and clever ones were taken. But then I remembered that one of the first sewing blogs I read was simply titled Stacy Sews . So I created a blog and titled it Sharon and to the point. I didn't think that I would end up writing about more than just sewing. By the way Stacy, I never thanked you for the na

How to Sew a Drawstring Placemat Purse

Do you ever have a day that starts out great but by the end of the workday you feel like you've had the wind knocked out of you? It doesn't happen to me often, but today was one of those days. Needless to say I was glad when the end of the workday came around and I could head home. I even felt a bit out of sorts as I went to my sewing room...usually the one place that where I can completely unwind and relax. However, when I checked my email and blog - well, there were all of these wonderful comments on my faux wrap knit dress! Thank you, thank you, thank you! Today was a day that those kind comments were especially appreciated! Since I couldn't quite decide on a new sewing project I pulled out my brand- new, hot off the press, autographed by the author, copy of the Low-Sew Boutique book. One of my purses in the gallery section is the embroidered drawstring purse (that can be seen on page 123 in the book). I brought this purse into work last week in an ill-disguised attempt

Knit Faux Wrap Dress - New Look 6429

I finally got around to sewing the faux wrap dress from New Look 6429. I had read a number of reviews on Patternreview and it looked good on everyone who had made it, so of course I needed one also! The pattern is marked "easy" and it really is a simple to sew knit dress. I used a lightweight floral print knit that was purchased during my shopping spree at SR Harris last fal l. An almost invisible detail on the fabric is the tiny horizontal gold thread lines running through it. I originally planned on using the knit for Simplicity 4076 but thought with its hint of gold it might make an interesting dress. I did eliminate the neckline facing that is included with the pattern. Instead, I used clear elastic at the neckline to add stability and to pull the neckline in slightly. I cut the clear elastic about 1" shorter than the neckline and serged it to the wrong side of the fabric. Next I turned the edge over and top stitched in place. The back of the dress has a very nice de

Looks like June is going to be a GREAT month!

Not only is it National Candy Month (and you know I'll be doing my part to celebrate) but I won a yard of fabric from Sew, Mama, Sew! Oh yea, that's right, I won something! Cool huh? My first , second and third choices were sold out, so I'll just have to place an order when they're back in stock right? LOL . Turns out it was a good thing they were sold out because I never would have found this adorable 1930's reproduction feedsack print from Maywood Studios otherwise! It is called White Cherries on Blue ~ Maywood Vintage Flower Garden III. I'm envisioning this fabric made up into a very feminine apron with white eyelet fabric used as a contrast. And for some odd reason, I just can't get the picture of me wearing my new apron holding a cherry pie (fresh from the oven!) out of my head.

Instant Gratification Sewing - Simplicity 4076 and Reading Diva Sashes

Today is the very last day of vacation - sigh. I had hoped to get more done, but isn't that pretty typical? The days in the future always seem so full of hope with their promise of never-ending time. In reality the days fly by quickly and every project takes twice as long as you thought it would. I knew I wouldn't do much in terms of home improvement or sewing projects yesterday as yesterday was a parade day. I volunteer with a number of other fun-loving ladies and perform as part of a book-cart drill team. If you haven't seen one yet, check out these photos from an actual competition that was held a few years ago! And no, we weren't there, and no, we don't do back flips and other fantastic feats of agility. We perform as "Reading Divas" and spin the carts a few times, maybe throw in a pinwheel formation to really wow the crowds. Mostly we smile, wave and blow kisses while pushing a book cart. We wear old prom or bridesmaids gowns, flashy tiaras and sashe