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Neiman Marcus White Shirt and Byron Lars Vogue Pattern 1420

The heat must be getting to my serger also since it is currently in the sewing room throwing a temper tantrum. I wasn't asking it to do much at all! I wanted to quickly stitch up the two-hour gypsy skirt as written in the June/July 2006 issue of Threads magazine. But no, my serger wanted nothing to do with it and decided to not cooperate. After spending an hour alternating between speaking soft words of encouragement and loud words of frustration, I gave up. Instead I pulled out a stack of magazines and among them I found a recent Neiman Marcus mailer. I didn't find too much to get excited about. Lots of dark, somber colors and minimal details. However, there were two things that really caught my eye. I really like the lines of this jacket. I will need to look at my pattern stash to see if there's something I could easily use to make one like it. The second item that caught my eye was a page with four white shirts. I like the tuxedo blouse with the ruffle detail, but I rea