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An Animal Print Sewing Workshop Helix Top

Everytime Linda Lee wears a Helix top on one of her Facebook Live videos (also posted on their YouTube channel) I tell myself I need to sew a Helix!  This past week I finally sewed one just to test the fit.  I bought the pattern quite some time ago, but whenever I would think about sewing it, I'd wonder about sizing.  If I used my full bust measurement (which is what Linda Lee usually recommends) I would sew a size large.  However, my upper bust measurement puts me in a small.  I know from experience that many Sewing Workshop patterns are oversized, so I chose to sew the size in between - the medium.  The finished bust measurement for a medium is 46", which gave me 6" of ease.   It is larger than I like.  Even as I write that I chuckle, because I am always saying how I don't like my clothing to be tight or form fitting :-)  But in this case, the top feels a bit sloppy and I think I'd be happier with a slimmer fit.  The finished bust measurement for a small is 42&q

Itch to Stitch Sabalito Top - A Dolman Sleeve Pullover Top

Nearly a year ago I purchased the Itch to Stitch Sabalito Top *, with plans to stitch one up right away.  Ha, ha, ha! Judging from my laughter, you know that didn't happen. As soon as I downloaded the pattern, I printed and put it together, traced my size, and tucked it away.  I pulled that pattern out at least a dozen times over the past eight months but for some reason I was never motivated to actually sew the top.   Until last week. This is the fourth year that I've experienced the East Texas fall weather, and I'm still not used to it!  When you spend the majority of your life in a state with four very distinctive seasons, it can be hard to believe that the end of October can produce summer-like weather.  The warm fall temps catch me off-guard every year.  To me, it's warm enough to wear my summer clothes, but everyone here wears flannels, sweaters and booties!  I want to wear "fall" colors, but can't stand thought of bundling up in a flannel shirt or s