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Vogue 1744 Big Shirt - Minerva Fabrics

One of the fashion trends for Spring 2021 is the Big Shirt. At least according to the fashion articles I've been reading. I sewed one using Vogue 1744 (previously released as Vogue 9360) from a beautiful cotton voile gifted to me from Minerva.   Read all about on my page on the Minerva blog . 

A Taffeta Tiered Statement Skirt to Welcome 2021 - Vogue 9173

"That skirt needs to be worn at a ball", exclaimed hubby when I first modeled this finished skirt.  Sometimes you just need to sew something beautiful because it's good for your soul. That was the case with this maxi skirt. It was completely impractical with the current environment we are living in but I sewed it anyway. And felt quite elegant when I donned it for a few minutes on New Year's Eve.  The pattern I used is Vogue 9173, which was released in 2016 and it now OOP (out of print).  I purchased this pattern right after it was released as I was enthralled with View C, the floral skirt shown on the lower left. I even purchased a satiny floral fabric. And kept putting off sewing the skirt, saying to myself "what would you do with a satin floral maxi skirt?" I finally convinced myself to tuck the pattern and fabric away.  This past November I had an opportunity to visit SR Harris in Minnesota. While there I purchased a lovely deep red taffeta that had a ra