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Fun with border prints - or McCall's 6612 dress review

Shhhh...don't tell, but I'm kinda having an affair with border prints.    I blame it on Denver Fabrics.  When we vacationed in Colorado this past June I begged my hubby to " just swing by" so I could check the store out.  Which he did, bless his heart. However, with only 45 minutes and a $100 budget it was a mad dash to check everything out and decide what should come home with me.  Oddly enough I ended up with multiple border prints... Remember my McCall's 6559 maxi dres s with the huge flowers?  Yep, border print from Denver Fabrics. I recently finished a summer skirt using a polka dot border print purchased at Denver Fabrics.  You haven't seen it yet. Unless you follow me on Instagram.  Then you've seen the sneak peeks.  Now I present to you another knit dress sewn using yet another border print knit from Denver Fabrics. Not only did this have a border, but it appears to have been a panel the way the design repeats.  Which presented some chal