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Kwik Sew 2874 - Baseball Style Pullover TAKE TWO

As mentioned in my previous two posts, I was inspired to sew a luxe baseball tee after seeing this Milly one on the Neiman Marcus website.  and decided to use Kwik Sew 2874 as my pattern.  My first version (the pink floral one) was too large.  So I retraced an unaltered smaller size, pulled out some more knit fabric and sewed another version.  This time I only did the front as a contrast. The back is a solid black. Kwik Sew 2874 TAKE TWO As my  first muslin (the pink floral) was too large in the neck/shoulder area so I went down to a S on this black floral one .  I was still afraid of it being too tight at the hipline (by now you know what I'm going to say - " I don't like tight-fitting clothes! ") so I traced in between a M and L rather than going down completely to a M. As soon as I was done sewing I put take two on so I could admire how much better the fit was! Um, not quite... It still didn't fit quite right.  Perhaps the sleeve

Kwik Sew 2874 - Baseball Style Pullover TAKE ONE

As mentioned in my previous post, I was inspired to sew a luxe baseball tee after seeing this Milly one.  and settled on Kwik Sew 2874 as my pattern. Kwik Sew 2874 TAKE ONE I don't sew with Kwik Sew often enough to know what size or alterations I may need so I started out by tracing an unaltered M at the shoulder/neck/bust and tapered to a L at the hip. (That pesky "I hate tight clothing" thing again...) I choose a border print knit I had purchased at Denver Fabrics by the pound!  Yes!  You read that correctly - you can (or could at that time) purchase fabrics ends by the pound - yippee!  I went a little over board. But that's another post for another day.  Here's the border print. Cute, right?  Not really enough to do much of anything, but it worked perfectly for the front of this Kwik Sew top. The construction was straight-forward with very clear instructions provided by Kwik Sew. No surprise there! And here is the front of version num

Kwik Sew 2874 - Baseball Style Pullover Inspiration

While browsing the designer fashions online at Neiman Marcus I came across this sequin-front baseball tee by Milly.  Love at first site!  Um, but not for $275!  (Now marked down to only $165 ! Um, still a no.) So I did what any of you would do. Purchased some fabulous sequin and knit fabric and set out to find a pattern that would work. I found this GORGEOUS sequin knit fabric that while browsing the Mood Fabrics website .  (No affiliation with Mood.) It shall become the front of the baseball tee.  I have a solid black knit for the sleeves, neckband and back. Next was choosing a pattern. There are two patterns that many others have used to achieve similar luxe tee looks.  One is Vogue 8670 and the other is New Look 6270 .  But, believe it or not, I didn't want to purchase another pattern! What?!? Me not buy a new pattern - I know, shocking isn't it? I knew I must have a baseball style tee pattern in my stash , er collection, somewhere. Sure enough.  I came acro

Easy Barbie Skirt Tutorial - how to sew a panel skirt for 11-1/2 doll like Barbie(r)

As promised when I posted the tutorial for the 18" doll skirt , here are the instructions to sew this same skirt Barbie(r) size! This 11-1/2" fashion doll skirt is so easy to sew, a great way to use scraps and perfect for a beginning seamstress. You could even stitch the seams by hand if no machine is available.  Materials needed: Six 4" x 2-1/2" fabric pieces.  One 10" x 2" fabric piece. One 4" piece of 1/8" elastic. Coordinating thread.  Let's get started   Step 1:   Cut your fabric: Six 4" x 2-1/2" rectangles and one 10" x 2" rectangle.  My sample used three coordinating polka dot prints for the panel and a contrast color for the bottom band.   Step 2: Using a 1/4" seam allowance, with wrong sides facing stitch the six rectangles together along the 5-1/2" side; leave one end unsewn.  Press the seams open or towards the darker fabric.   Step 3: