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Red, red, I love red

Red cherries and red strawberries, red apples and red watermelon, red tomatoes and red radishes. Not only do I love to eat all of the wonderful red fruits and veggies that are so abundant here in the summertime, but I also love to wear red. Two of my latest fabric purchases were red. One is destined to become a New Look faux wrap dress while the other's fate is still being determined. Two of my latest sewing projects were sewn with red fabrics from my stash. The skirt, a twirly skirt with godets, was sewn using McCall's 5274 . The red retro 70's dress was sewn using a vintage pattern, Butterick 5731, from my collection. Then there's little Sophia with her red, white, and blue scarf tied around her neck. The color red. It energizes me and makes me happy. What color makes you smile?

New day, new attitude

Okay, sorry about the negative off-topic post yesterday. But y'all have bad days too right? I have a smile on my face and to make sure you do to I'm sharing this photo post from The Apronista. A collage of bright and beautiful craft/cafe aprons. Enjoy!

Fabric Mart to the rescue

What a lousy work that is. Poor DH has listened to me vent way too many times over the past nine months or so. Those who know me well know it is very unusual for me to stay negative about anything for very long. A previous employer once gave me a pair of rose-colored glasses jokingly saying that I might as well wear them since that's how I view the world anyway! I understand that every job has its moments and every job has its challenges. Last year a restructuring in my department came about after almost two years of planning. The promise of the newly defined job I now hold was exciting; exciting enough for me to hang around to see how it would be structured. Today was so incredibly discouraging that I would dearly love to schedule the rest of the summer off to re-energize - you know - get excited about my work again. I know, I know. I should be grateful that I even have a job. And truly, I am. My income, combined with DH's income, allows us to own a home, suppo