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Minneapolis Pattern Review Celebration (PR Day 2011)

Every year, after the PatternReview weekends I would lurk among the PR boards reading about all the fun. I'm not ashamed to admit that I was green with envy. After all I was reading about late nights filled with wine and laughter, shared dinners and inside jokes, fashion shows and fabric shopping, and of course the bonding between sewing friends. As much as I've wanted to attend one of these events, finances just haven't allowed it. Which is why I jumped at a chance to take part in the PR Day 2011 being held worldwide Saturday, Nov. 19. Ten of us began the celebration early and met for dinner at the Mall of America the night before.  Dotes wore her lovely animal print coat making it easy for us to spot her outside the restaurant.  We let out squeals of delight when we reconized one another and finally had the chance to meet face-to-face. The bond was immediate and 10 almost-strangers began friendships that night. The conversation over dinner could have lasted a

The two-hour knit top aka Jalie 2921 Scarf-Collar Top

At this weekend's local PatternReview celebration (and I'll share more of that with you after I get all the photos downloaded) one of the participants was wearing a scarf-collar knit top. Being the lurker that I am, I immediately recognized it as the Jalie 2921 scarf-collar knit top. After a quick discussion on how the sizing ran for the brand and tips for sewing the top, she shared that it only takes her about an hour to make one. "Ha!" I thought. "That top is way too complicated to only take an hour.  Wow, she's really a good sewer !" That thought was followed by "Hey! I have that pattern in my stash. I should use it because that's a cute tee" So I did. And it really is pretty fast.  Not one hour fast (I bow down to you Lori).   But just about double that.  So two hours for cutting and sewing a tee ain't too shabby is it? The fabric is a lightweight abstract print from our fabric shopping at SR Harri