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Embarrassing moments in sewing

This morning, as I was preparing for work, I took a few minutes to read from one of my favorite books - Rise and Shine: A Devotional by Liz Curtis Higgs . In the story I read today, Liz (I feel like I know her so I'll call her Liz) shared a story of what could have been an incredibly embarrassing moment. She was at an airport looking for a place to sit while she waited for her flight to be called. She spotted two seats joined together on a t-shaped base and one was available. She sat down and the other women happened to stand up around the same time and Liz flipped the seat over and landed face down on the ground! (If you're not familiar with Liz Curtis Higgs , she's a big woman [her words] and one of the funniest speakers I've ever had the pleasure to listen to.) I probably would have been mortified but she wrote about how hard she laughed at herself when she thought of what she must have looked like. As she wrote "...remember the wise words of Ethel Barrymore:

HotPatterns Butterfly Top Pattern Review

The other day I picked up one of the new HotPatterns that is now being carried in Hancock Fabric stores. The styles are very trendy and the patterns are being marketed as " No Sweat Sew Easy " patterns. My goal was to test one of these patterns to see whether or not I would recommend them to a brand new sewer. The instruction sheet does not provide a lot of detail but there is a large illustration of each garment that is to be sewn. For someone who is not very experienced or only familiar with terminology from the Big 4 pattern companies, the instructions could be a bit confusing at first, but by following along as written the top will turn out as designed. The one part that could be confusing for a beginner is the written instructions for sewing on the back facing piece and finishing the neck edge. The back facing is sewn to the back, turned, edgestitched and then placed over the shoulder seam encasing the shoulder seam and finishing the neck edge. If you've sewn a n