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New Look 6423: Tiny Tunic and Leopard Print Leggings

I had the opportunity to do some sewing for the littlest ones in our family recently.  Was that ever fun!  Here is one of them wearing a tunic I sewed as part of her Christmas gift. The cuteness! The pattern is New Look 6423, and I would link to it on the Simplicity website , but I can't locate this pattern on their site. Since it's a 2015 pattern, I suspect the pattern is still available.   I started out making the leggings.  I could hardly stand how cute those little animal print leggings were - and how tiny. I sewed a size 1/2.  A Size 1/2! It's like sewing doll clothes only for an itty-bitty person!  The tunic neckline is finished with foldover elastic.  I had picked up a few packages of various colors and prints at my local Tuesday Morning store.  I had no use for it at the time, but bought it anyway.  Because you never know when you might need some, right?   I used the purple with the pink hearts, placing the pink hearts on the inside of the top.  Afte