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DIY: A Colorblock Infinity Scarf Tutorial

When I wear my zebra/polka dot infinity scarf it never fails to draw compliments.  Once people find out I made it, often the next question is "would you make one for me?" While I rarely sew for hire these days, I do enjoy sewing items to give to others, especially these colorblocked infinity scarfs. They are simple, yet each is unique depending on the fabrics chosen. This year I sewed a some as Christmas gifts for a few girlfriends. Here's how to make one of these cute and easy infinity scarfs for yourself. Fabric: For one scarf, you'll need one yard each of two coordinating fabrics at least 45" wide. Choose a lightweight fabric, such as voile, chambray, linen, rayon or even flannel. My zebra/polka dot scarf was sewn using a polyester blouse weight fabric. A lightweight knit would work also.  Heavier fabric would create a lot of bulk at the neckline. Each piece of fabric should measure 45" x 36".  If your fabric is wider, cut it to 45".

Jungle January: A Zebra and Polka Dot Infinity Scarf

In honor of Jungle January, I sewed an infinity scarf using a coordinating zebra and polka dot print.  Except I actually sewed it for the last year's Jungle January. I posted it on my Instagram account , but never shared it on my blog. This easy-to-sew infinity scarf came about by accident.  I had received a large scarf as a gift and wanted to recreate something similar. I went to my local Hancock Fabrics store and purchased one yard each of the zebra and polka dot prints with the intention of making two infinity scarfs.  Um, no, I miscalculated.  What I wanted was a really large, wide (yet lightweight) infinity scarf that I could wrap around my neck not only as a fashion accessory, but for warmth in a chilly office. If I sewed the one yard of fabric together as I envisioned, it would not be large enough. Since the two prints coordinated, I simply stitched them together along the long edges using a French seam to create the size I wanted.  At that point I all I had to do wa