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$3 Back Issue Sale at Stampington & Company

You know, home of the fabulous eye-candy magazines including Altered Couture , Artful Blogger , Somerset Studio, and Belle Amoire . Oh, there's just so many more. All filled with gorgeous photographs and inspiring art projects ... Sewing is not my only creative outlet. Recently I've been experimenting with altered art - both with textile and with paper - and I find the Stampington & Co. publications very inspiring. So anyway, I was on their website debating with myself as to whether or not I actually needed a subscription to any/all of the above magazines ( the "no, you do NOT need another magazine subscription" won over the whiny "but I want it", just in case you were wondering ) But, then, out of the corner of my eye I spotted the words "$3 back issue sale" and, before I could begin another internal debate with myself, I had a number of back issues ordered and paid for. Now don't get too excited because not all of the magazines aren'

Free Fabric Giveaway!

Ha! I knew THAT would get your attention - it sure got my attention over at Giabella Designs . Anyway, here's the deal. I discovered this fabulous new (to me) blog Sugar Shop . She is celebrating her 100th post with a giveaway a $75 gift certificate to an online fabric retailer - Over the Rainbow (again, new to me). I'd much rather not tell you about the giveaway since it increases my chances of winning (insert evil laugh here) but I can't do that to all of my fellow fabric stash builders. What? You're still here? Get on over there and sign up for your chance to win. You only have until Thursday, July 3. By the way, if you do win, you'll sew something fabulous and post photos on your blog for me to drool over right?

Next project - another version of McCall's 5527

Back in February I began work on this jacket from McCall's 5527 . I was looking forward to wearing the jacket because of that fabulous collar. However, I never did complete the hand sewing the jacket needed before winter changed to spring so I packed it away until next fall. Not wanting to wait until fall to wear this jacket, I pulled the pattern out again when I decided it was time to sew up my recent fabric purchases from SR Harris. View A, this time with the sleeve ending in a ruffle, is my jacket of choice. Since I've sewn it once already, and made notations on the pattern regarding the additional adjustments needed, all I had to do was cut it out and begin sewing. In between walking the dogs, visiting my son, hitting an estate sale with his girlfriend, and all the other normal weekend chores, I managed to get the lining portion sewn together. Anyone recognize the silk lining? Ha, ha! I think we all own this one thanks to Shannon . I thought I had purchased enough fabr