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Butterick 6172 - pullover tunic with asymmetric hi-low hem

"What's that thing hanging down in back?"     Ha!  Not exactly what I expected to hear when I modeled this for my hubby.  Yea, the back is long and asymmetric, and yea, I do care about his opinions. But I still like the oddness of this tunic and plan on wearing it this summer.  The pattern is Butterick 6172 , view C.  The pattern is described as a loose-fitting, pullover top or tunic has narrow hem and shaped hemline variations.    One thing I take into consideration when purchasing patterns is how simple it will be for me to do an FBA (full bust adjustment).  This pattern showed darts in the illustration so I knew it'd be easy to adjust. Except, that top layer does not have a dart.  Soooo,  do I debated if I should add one or if there would be enough ease with out the dart. I choose to alter the pattern and add a dart.  Rather than alter both sides I traced one half of the top, did my FBA and traced a new complete pattern piece using the altered pie