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McCall's 7786 Wide Leg Pants | One Pattern Seven Ways

About a month ago I found myself pulling out one of my favorite wide-leg pants pattern, McCall's 7786.  I've sewn it seven times over the past two years so I guess it now qualifies as a TNT (tried and true) pattern.    The pattern is an easy-to-sew, wide-leg pants with a few different views. There is a flat front waistband, elastic in the back and side front pockets. I sewed my first pair soon after we moved cross-country, about six weeks after my major surgery.  At the time I had very little strength and limited mobility. If I wanted to dress myself without assistance I needed items that were oversized with no zippers or buttons. My hands would not have been able to work the button and buttonholes, and I didn't have enough strength to zip up a zipper. Because of that I sized up on the majority of these when they were sewn. I've begun to resize the pants as I no longer have that concern and want a better fit. Here are the ones I have sewn (so far!) The blue and white