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Thanks for your suggestions on how to use the ladybug fabric!

Wow! What a great response - thank you sooooooo much for all of your suggestions! I read each and every one and have been thinking about what you suggested, because, honestly, I love this piece of fabric and I really wasn't sure the best way to use it. You sure had some good ideas: Cidell said she sees the fabric as a skirt. Henriette suggested McCalls 5431 with black as the contrast instead of red. It just so happens that I just picked this pattern up at a recent sale, but I don't have enough fabric. But I might play with black instead of red for the contrast. Vicki W suggested a tote. Not a bad idea, but I'm wondering to myself if I would get more use out of a skirt versus a tote. Hmmm.... Oh, by the way, I found the fabric made up into a super cute purse on Etsy as well as a little zip pouch . Melisa (how DO you get that little mark above the e?) provided a number of skirt pattern suggestions. McCalls 5431, McCalls 5430 (how did I miss this one before? Its really

Help! Help me decide what to do with this fabric

I love this fun summer cotton print! Unfortunately I only have 1-1/4 yards (45" wide) so I'm a bit limited on what I can do with it. I originally purchased the remnant with the intent of sewing a summer apron. But now I'm leaning towards a skirt. Yea, yea, yea, it may be a bit juvenile but oh gosh it would be fun to wear this as a skirt with a t-shirt and red sandals. The fabric is 100% cotton with an off-white background and big red polka dots and ladybugs. Both the polka dots and ladybugs have a diameter of 5". It will need a lining or an inner-lining also as its too sheer to wear as is. Probably a cotton batiste. I thought of sewing the skirt from Kwik-Sew 3337. This skirt is shown on the cover of volume 4 of sew simple magazine (spring issue). Inside the magazine is a three page spread on creative variations using the skirt pattern, as well as a special offer to purchase the pattern for only $3.99. Do you think this fabric would work with this skirt pattern or