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Gorgeous vintage 50's era cocktail dress

My co-worker overheard me talking about RetroRama and the need - well, maybe need is a bit too strong, so want - of a 50's style dress to wear to this event. So the next day look what turns up in my work space! This gorgeous vintage 50's dress that belonged to her mother. She lovely lovingly recalled seeing her mother wearing the dress and said her mother was an absolute knock out. But how could you not be wearing this gown?!? She offered to let me borrow it to wear to RetroRama - and wasn't that sweet of her? I'm ten years beyond being able to wear anything this size and, as you can see, even GiGi can not get the back zipped up completely. Because I'm so fascinated with fashion and textiles I couldn't wait to peek inside the dress to see what the label was and how it was constructed. Alas, the label was cut out but I did see the construction, although I don't have photos of that today. My co-worker let me take it home so I could study it! Seriously, how a

RetroRama - a celebration of '50s style

"Indulge in a night of music, martinis and '50s-inspired fashion by local designers. Enjoy music by The New Standards, vintage apparel on display and classic cocktails and appetizers. Shop for retro treasures. Celebrate an era when glamour and elegance were part of an evening out." My husband already had other plans the evening of this event so cross your fingers that my girlfriend will be able to go with me! If she says yes, then I hope to find enough time in my busy calendar to whip up a '50s dress to wear. When else would I have a chance to dress '50s and fit right in? But which one to sew? There are so many wonderful vintage and retro patterns to choose from. It will have to be a Butterick or Vogue as I will have to pick it up at a local fabric time to wait for an order. Hmmm ....maybe Vogue 2960 or Butterick 4792. The event is only a few weeks away and it will still be cold, so perhaps Butterick 4919 with a wrap from Butterick 4927. Oh it