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The "Interesting" Fabric Sewn Into a Vogue 9190 Knit Shrug

"Well, that sure is interesting fabric," said the sales clerk as I placed it on the cutting table to be measured.  "What are you going to do with it?" "I have no idea," I replied.  But I did have an idea. I just wasn't sure if it was going to work and I dreaded the "come back and show us when you're done" comment. I was going to use the fabric to sew simple, long tunic, but changed my mind when Vogue 9190 was released.  Vogue 9190 is a knit shrug designed by Marcy Tilton. I made a few tiny tweaks. I added 1-1/2" to the length as I wasn't sure how a short shrug would work with my shape, and I eliminated the drawstring. I also did an FBA using a pivot and slide method. The shrug cuff has a small vent that is supposed to be on the outside of the arm, not inside like mine.  Oops! I purchased the fabric locally at SR Harris Fabric. I wasn't the only one intrigued by the knit - when I returned to the store three

Burda 6630: T-shirt with Constrast Upper Shoulder

When the fabric calls for a simple design... As soon as I saw this Italian Digital print knit fabric on the Emma One Sock website (sold out!), I knew I wanted a to use it to sew a t-shirt.  I took into account the cost of the fabric and the fact that I wasn't positive what pattern I wanted to use, when I decided to only purchase one yard. By the time the fabric arrived, I had decided on Burda 6630 , which was one of multiple Burda patterns I picked up for $1.99 each at Hancock's going out of business sale.   I sewed View 3 (center on pattern envelope) that required 7/8 yard of fabric and 3/8 yard for the contrast shoulder. The novelty fabric I used on the shoulder I found locally at SR Harris Fabric Warehouse . It was on a bolt labeled "Worth Designer Collection".  I'm not sure what it is; it appears to be grosgrain ribbon folded and attached to a sheer mesh backing.  It love the look of it, but it was difficult to sew. The needle on my sewing