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Time is a dressmaker specializing in alterations. ~Faith Baldwin

Time is a dressmaker specializing in alterations. ~ Faith Baldwin . In other words, it's time for some changes. First of all, thank you ALL for your concern and comments regarding my winter sliding adventure - definitely not an adventure I would recommend to anyone. It sure shook me up and prevented me from making a trip to Treadle Yard Goods as well as my planned annual excursion to SR Harris Fabric Outlet (which was what I had planned to do after my morning appointment.) Oh well, I didn't need more fabric anyway. So, what are these changes? Just three little ones to prepare myself for the upcoming new year. New tires on my vehicle! A major expense I wasn't planning on but obviously needed. New job beginning Jan 2! The transfer was finalized three months ago so I'm more than ready for this change. New haircut! Why not begin the new job in the new year with a new do? It's been awhile since I chopped my hair short so it was time. Photos later... What chan

Beautiful Yet Treacherous Snow

Snow - so beautiful to look at; so treacherous to drive in. Here's the view this morning from our bedroom window. Beautiful isn't it? I think so, as long as I don't have to try and drive in it, which I did (even though I have this entire week off from work) since I had an appointment scheduled for this morning. I debated about canceling since it was only a hair appointment and the salon is 25 miles away. However, my husband had called during his morning commute to update me on the road conditions and based on his report I decided to keep the appointment vowing to stick to the main roadways. Big mistake! I was on the road less than five minutes when I decided to turn around and go back home. As I came to a stop light where I was planning on making a left hand turn, I pressed lightly on the brakes and they froze up! I tried pumping the brakes, which is what I learned 30 years ago when I began winter driving, but that doesn't work with today's vehicles. In a matter o

Merry Christmas!