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Split Sleeves: Another New Look 6467 Dress

I never used to be a TNT pattern kind of gal.  I've always enjoyed purchasing new patterns and dreaming of how they'll look when completed. But over the past year or so, as my spare time (aka sewing time) has dwindled, I've found myself using patterns I've already altered and sewn more and more. That's the case with this pattern, New Look 6467.   This is the third version I've sewn. The first was view A in a printed ponte (yet to be reviewed) that I wore frequently last winter. The second sewn is the one I'm reviewing today. It's view C in a rayon challis purchased at SR Harris .  The third was view B (minus the sleeves) in a floral scuba knit that I blogged about here.   This view has a few fun details.  Like this random strip of fabric across the v-neckline. I didn't measure it before stitching it in place and, as you can see, it was too long.  I had to remove the facing, adjust the strip, and resew the facing. I do like these slits in

The "Wonder Women" Knit Cape Top aka Butterick 6490

"Wonder Woman!" sang my hubby as I entered the room modeling my new top. Keep in mind, he didn't mean this as a compliment.  He meant that he thought the cape was odd and it would draw attention when worn. "Thank you!" I replied.  I don't care what he meant ; I certainly don't mind being compared to a strong, intelligent woman!  And I certainly don't mind drawing attention to a top I'm wearing, especially if it was sewn by moi :-)  The pattern is Butterick 6490 , a fairly new release. If I remember correctly, it was released soon after I posted my review for my Vogue 8907 cape sleeve top (which I love, love, love!)   This design is very similar to a Chico's top I had been eyeing, but I'd much rather sew one myself so I can be sure it will fit in the bust. Speaking of fit, the pattern is described as close-fitting, and based on the finished bust measurement, I knew I would need an FBA (full bust adjustment).  Instead of sewing t