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Father/Daughter reunion update

Bad mommy that I am, I missed the father/daughter reunion! I can't believe it! I met up with a girlfriend this morning to mark a hem on a dress. Her son is getting married in three weeks and she needed someone to hem the dress she is going to wear to the wedding. I love being able to help my friends out with things like that. We went and had brunch afterwards all the while I kept a close eye on the time so I'd be at my daughter's at least a half hour before her father showed up. As I left my brunch date, I called my daughter to let her know I was on my way only to find out that her father had just left. Huh? Turns out she had said noon and I thought she said two . For some reason she didn't try my cell phone - she only left a message on my home number and of course I was gone. So, feeling like the worst mother in the world, I apologized to her. She graciously replied "hey, it's okay. It actually went well." How did I get some an understanding young w

Top ten trends from Nordstroms with a hint of the 70s

Nordstrom's top ten trends In my hands I am holding the latest catalog from Nordstroms. The February 2008 mailing contains 108 pages of full color photographs. It amazes me the amount of money spent on mailing like this - the photo shoots, the design and layout of the catalog, the printing, and then the mailing... But that's not the reason for my mention of the catalog. This issue has an insert - the top ten trends for spring - and here they are: Trend 1 and 2 - the high-waisted trouser and the waist focused dress Trend 3 and 4 - the bold print and the printed bag Trend 5 and 6 - the full skirt and the color-blocked shoe Trend 7 and 8 - the mixed stack of bangles and the dressed-up trench Trend 9 and 10 - the beautiful blouse and vivid color (Top ten trends can be viewed online also.) 70s inspired fashions So what do these top ten trends have to do with 70s fashion? Not much actually. As I was flipping the pages looking for inspiration there were a few garments that reminded

Tissue fitting is not for me!

Okay, after attending the two day sewing seminar with Pati Palmer I told myself I'd try tissue fitting a pattern. And I did. And I don't think I'll be doing it again. And I'm so glad I only spent 99 cents on the pattern. Because it didn't work for me. The pattern I choose to try out tissue fitting is McCall's 5481 - a Palmer/Pletsch suit...the one that Pati wore the first day of the seminar. Oh gosh, how can I even begin to describe how horrible the fit is? I can't post photos because I couldn't bear to take photos of the horrible blob of fabric sewn together in a resemblance of a suit jacket. It started out okay. I cut out all of the pattern pieces, ironed them flat, drew in all of the 5/8" stitch lines, and taped the curved seams using 1/2" tape. As instructed I pinned the pieces together and had my less than enthusiastic assistant (that would be hubby) pin the center back in place. Following the instructions in the pattern I made adjustm