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Triple Trend! The Floral, Ruffled, Cold-Shoulder Top, New Look 6490

The thought of combining three trends - floral print, ruffles, and a cold-shoulder - sounds like a hot mess doesn't it?  But it works! I'm wearing New Look 6490 , a pullover, lined top pattern that has options for cold-shoulder, no shoulder, long or short sleeves as well as a ruffle or no ruffle. I choose a floral print purchased June 2016 from Craftsy , when they were still selling fashion fabrics. The 2-yard pre-cut floral ombre fabric cost me less than $10 and provided just enough fabric for this top.  Since the darker color was on both selvage edges, I cut the front and back cross grain so I could take advantage of it at the hemline. I sewed view D, the version with the ruffle that extends from the front to the back neckline forming a "sleeve".  Here's the front. Here's the back. The neckband and tie front are both interfaced. The instructions call for all four pieces of the front band and tie to be interfaced.   I used a very lightweight i