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Twirl, Baby, Twirl - The Vogue 1027 DKNY Dress Review

Everyone once in a while you come across a pattern that is an absolute dream to put together. The pattern pieces match, the rating is accurate and the outcome is just as you pictured. As you sew you swear the stars must be aligned. Vogue 1027 is one of those patterns. As I sewed I only had one question " why in the world did I wait so long? " Just a few alterations were needed before the sewing began - an FBA and forward shoulder adjustment. With the knit I may not have needed the FBA but choose to do one to ensure there was enough room in the bodice to prevent the empire waist from being too high in the front. Construction itself is simple with good instructions provided by the pattern company. For example, shoulder seams are stayed, which is something the pattern companies don't always remember to add to the instructions for knit garments. In fact, construction on this dress was so straight forward that I only glanced at the instructions rather than follow along