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Just helping a fabric store with their magazine display

While shopping at a local fabric this morning I quickly glanced at the sewing magazines. You know, just to see what was available. Fine, I admit it. To see if the latest SewNews was on display. Now I ask you. How will anyone see my fabulous sweater on the cover when it's displayed like this? Think they'll notice the little rearranging I did? Just trying to be helpful. ******************************************************

The $100+ library book

I'm a fan of my local library and especially of the interlibrary loan program.  There's been many times I've been able to access textile or design books from the University of MN library.  One of my latest loans was a book on batiks. Oh sure, there's plenty of information online about batiks. But it just isn't the same as holding that book in my hand, slowly turning the pages, savoring the text and photos while snuggled into the corner of my couch. Plus, this book is from 1922. See? Look at some of the great fashion photos. But the title of this post alluded to a $100 library book. What's so special about this book?  See for yourself. This book comes complete with a chewed up corner at a cost of over $100 - to me! Let me explain. I had the book on loan for three weeks. For two of those weeks it sat on my bookshelf waiting until I had time to read it. When I did get around to reading it I remember the pages sticking due to that damaged c

Oops! or why I'm not BFF with plaids

You do know when working with plaids you should determine if you have an even or uneven plaid , right? And you want to think about the layout, being sure to match at major seams whenever possible.  Yea, well, do as I say, not as I do. You see I spaced out when cutting out this skirt. I worked hard to make sure the side seams matched well.  Oh, I was so proud of myself! Until I began pinning the front seam - oops!  Oh well, too late to fix now so I'm just moving forward. Besides I can tell everyone its ready-to-wear :-) The skirt has some fun little design details.  It's longer in back than the front, although on GiGi here you can't tell.  It's high-waisted and the center back seam ending in a split vee at the back waist.  There's also a little buckled tab at the back waist placed just below the vee. I do want to make sure and show you this little detail. It's a dart.  Both the front and back have horizontal darts along the center front. Int

Burda 7292 underway

Finally! My machines a buzz with a little fall sewing - for moi. A simple (ha!) bias cut maxi skirt using Burda 7292 .   (That I picked up when JoAnn's had Burda patterns on sale for only $2.49 ~ yea!) The fabric is a lightweight wool plaid.  Gray and plum ~yummy!  I've plum colored wool crepe for the jacket if - and I do mean if - I like the skirt. You see, I kinda forgot that figure hugging bias cut skirts don't always work well on my curvy shape.  We'll see.  I just might be pleasantly surprised! Hope so 'cuz I got the perfect boots to wear with this skirt.  **************************************************