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New Look 6729 Review

How do you spell easy? I spell it - N*E*W*L*O*O*K*6*7*2*9 That's because this knit top from New Look 6729 is so easy to sew. New Look 6729 , a recent release, is a pattern for two different style faux wrap knit tops with tie and sleeve variations. This particular top is my muslin for view C - the short sleeve with the faux criss-cross wrap front. Can I just tell you how much I love the look of this tee? And how great it is when a muslin becomes a wearable item? Especially when said muslin was sewn using a remnant from Joann's and cost less than $3? I skipped my normal FBA but lowered the front top piece by one inch. (see photo) The construction itself is very simple. Entire sewing time was under one hour. The front of the top is three pieces - an upper right front, an upper left front, and a lower piece. Hem the bottom edge of the wrap criss-cross on both the right and left front pieces Hem the top edge of the lower front piece. Sew the right and left upper front pieces to t

PROJECT RUNWAY Signs Unprecedented Licensing Agreements For Upcoming Season 4 Of The Emmy-Nominated Hit Fashion Design Competition Series

Opened my email this morning to see this release about Project Runway. I wonder what the partnership with Simplicity will look like? Perhaps we'll be able to sew our fave fashions as soon as they appear on the show using Simplicity patterns. Licensing Partners Include: Aaron Company, Brother International, Prym Consumer, Robert Kaufman Fabrics, Simplicity Pattern Co NEW YORK, Aug. 21 /PRNewswire/ -- The Weinstein Company is pleased to announce that they have completed five multi-year licensing agreements with category partners to coincide with the airing of the fourth season of the Emmy-nominated hit fashion design competition series, PROJECT RUNWAY. This marks the first time PROJECT RUNWAY has extended the brand with a series of licensing partners in consumer products. The licensees include Aaron Company, Brother International, Prym Consumer, Robert Kaufman Fabrics, and Simplicity Pattern Co. The partners are currently developing collateral, for both in store and online that will

McCall's 5276 Swing Jacket (and more puppy news)

Before I get to the sewing project I want to say thanks for the puppy advice. The review for the jacket from McCall's 4276 is at the bottom if you want to skip the puppy news. Replying to puppy comments and advice x.Helen.x - that's so funny that he slept on the floor with the new puppy! Believe me, it's tempting :-0)] Patty - Jake is adorable and while I wanted a grown-up dog, DH had his heart set on a puppy Gaylen - oh no! 5 mos of this would be terrible! I love that Beau and Lucy haven't figured out that they can step over the baby gates. Lala - I think Abby must be a popular dog name. Yes, she is very social - already wants to be around us all the time. Just walks into whatever room we move into and plops. We want to move her into our room on a dog bed but are concerned that she will get up and "do her business" without us waking up to let her out. We'll see how it goes tonight. We are keeping the bathroom door open and gating it and our bed is clos

Simplicity 4412 Pink Jacket (and puppy update)

It's done! It's done! The pink jacket is really done! I wonder if the UFO contest at PR includes a category for finished a UFO that had the least amount of work left to be done? I'm asking because I could possibly win with this jacket. It has been worn by GiGi for the past few months awaiting two buttons and snaps. Yes, that's right - two buttons and two sets of snaps were all that was needed to complete this jacket. The jacket was begun last April becauseI wanted a nice pink spring jacket. At that time all I needed to do was set in the sleeves and add the covered buttons and snaps. Eventually the sleeves were set in and the buttons were covered. I even managed to sew tow of them on...and that's where the work ended. Spring became summer and my sewing attention wandered to other projects. The jacket was set it aside; probably a bad decision knowing my tendency to not complete projects once I set them aside. However, knowing I would have limited sewing time thi