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Do you pin?

On Pinterest that is. I wasn't sure what to think of it when I first signed up. But I've been exploring it a bit and discovered it's a great online inspiration board.  An easy way to keep track of a lot of things I may want to refer back to.  And it sure is a lot easier than bookmarking all those pages. For example. While browsing Nordstrom's site , I came across this Alice + Olivia striped wool cashmere sweater .  Looks a lot like Butterick 5563 doesn't it?   Just need to find myself a luxurious piece of striped fabric and the look could be recreated for a lot less than $295.  Using Pinterest I can "bookmark" the image and add the reference to the pattern. It's great for other DIY ideas also, like this Anthropologie cape . Now if I can only find the right sweaters to refashion for a fall cape.   Sometimes I just pin stuff that makes me smile, like cupcakes , or color combinations or even books I may want to purchase. So I ask again,