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Burda World of Fashion Skirt 105 - questions answered

First off, Gaylen , just because you asked .... the skirt on a real, live person. As you can see, the released pleats are surprisingly flattering. And very comfortable. But I do think you need to choose your fabric carefully or they could flare out. By the way, I'm freezing in this shot as the short sleeves and no hose look is better suited for June than it is for February, even though temps did almost climb to 40 degrees today (whoo! hoo!) Carolyn , I'm actually thinking of sewing Sandra Betzina's jean style jacket - Vogue 1036 I'm not certain if it will work with the skirt or not, but who needs to be matchy-matchy all the time anyway? The fabric will look great in that jacket with white topstitching. Becky , I know exactly how you feel. I eagerly awaited the arrival of my subscription every time someone would review one of the patterns on their blog. Tracing the pattern YaYaOrchid - yes, the patterns from Burda World of Fashion need to be traced. I admit that is m