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Fabric store cutters - and Jo-Ann's plans for the holidays

It was quite interesting to read your comments and feedback about your experiences with cutters in fabric shops. If you haven't had a chance to read all the comments, take a moment to read them on my previous post . When I asked if any of you had been successful in washing out fade marks I have to admit that I was being a bit sarcastic - but in the back of my mind I hoped against hope that there was some deep dark fabric secret that no one had ever shared with me before Alas, not so. It's also been my experience that independent retailers are more likely to know their fabrics and cut appropriately. They also know if something is off grain, will point out flaws, and sometimes throw in the extra 1/4 yard of bolt at no charge. And I've also dealt with knowledgeable staff at Jo-Ann's over the years. Unfortunately the store I frequent has left me with memories of very poor interactions over the past ten years. Guess one never knows what to expect when visiting a "cr

Oh Jo-Anns, Jo-Anns, never fail to surprise me

Holiday sales at Jo-Ann Fabrics are ones that I like to avoid. I don't know about the Jo-Ann's near you, but the one nearest to me is typically overcrowded with shoppers and understaffed with employees. They've been that way ever since I worked for them in the early 90s. At least then we all knew something about sewing and fabrics. I happen to have taken today off from work to complete a project. As I cheerfully sat down at my sewing machine I discovered I had no matching thread for my project. Which meant I had to make a run the closest fabric store...the dreaded Jo-Ann Fabric store during the final day of the Columbus Day sale. Because I desperately wanted to complete this project, I bravely I arrived minutes after they opened. Looking around I realized it wasn't crowded at all so I could spent a few minutes browsing the fabrics. I may not plan on shopping the holiday sales, but I do keep that 50% off coupon in my purse just in case . All of a sudden, there is w