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Sew a Barbie apron, oven mitt and matching chef hat

  Sewing Barbie doll clothes is something I did for years and years and years and---well, you get the picture. I began selling my creations as a young teen and my little part-time business continued for another fifteen years or so. Over the years I learned a lot about sewing tiny fashions. Recently I shared some of my knowledge over at . with a three part series on sewing Barbie clothes. In part one I discussed preparing the pattern and appropriate fabrics. In part two I give you tips and tricks for sewing the tiny fashions using a sewing machine. The last post, part three , covers trims and closures. And I'm giving you an incentive to return to this blog after you've read the articles. Here's a tutorial on how to sew a lined Barbie apron with pockets, oven mitt and chef hat. Something every fashion doll needs so she will look fabulous while baking and decorating trendy cupcakes. How to sew a lined Barbie apron The first step is to draw the a

Simplicity 4118 - sneak peek

Look what I found cut out and tucked away in my closet. Simplicity 4118, a lovely lined sheath dress with attached front belt. I was able to spend a bit of time in the studio this weekend so the dress is partially sewn just needs to be lined (and to find a 2" ring for the belt) and hemmed. Looking ahead at my calendar I suspect I won't a free evening for sewing again until next Friday. Sigh...and the weather is finally warm enough to wear a sleeveless dress.