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Clutch bag lovin' going on in my sewing room

My son's adorable girlfriend was back the other day eager to begin work on her next sewing project - a clutch bag from an Amy Butler pattern . J found the pink and orange disco dot fabric as well as the pattern when we visited Crafty Planet about a month ago. I know she would have liked to have continued sewing until the bag was done, but she had at least three more hours of sewing time left and I had wrap it up for the day. I offered to send my Elna sewing machine home with her since I rarely use it, but she said she'd rather sew under my direction this time. That's okay. She's picked up on sewing so quickly that I'm guessing when she comes back to finish this bag I'll be able to convince her to take the Elna home. At least until she decides what sewing machine she wants to purchase. Because you do realize she's now hooked. Knowing that she only lives minutes from Crafty Planet, I'm pretty sure she's going to soon be developing a serious fabric

Back in the sewing studio and planning a sewing storm

Oh my it felt good to spend some dedicated time in the studio. What was I working on? Oh, this and that... You know how it is when you've been out of the sewing sync for a while. I went through fabric and patterns trying to decide what would become my new fall wardrobe additions. I cut a few skirts out. I completed a few mending projects. Nothing too exciting or worth showing photos of. I mean really, do you want to see me replace an invisible zipper in a pair of pants ... can you say b-o-r-i-n-g? One thing I really do need to do is get back on track quickly with my coat for the Great Coat Sew-Along. I've been reading and watching and learning from all of the information and photos that everyone has been posting, but have been absent from the discussions and from sharing where I'm at on the project. Why you ask? Because I need to start all over. Oh, not because I messed up my muslin so badly that it couldn't be salvaged (which I admit could have happened) but becaus