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Just doing my part to stimulate the economy

What are you doing with your stimulus check? We originally planned on tucking ours into our savings account but decided to use most of it to finish the remodel on our second bathroom. However, I did allocate a bit for my annual trip to SR Harris Fabric Outlet . Going into this warehouse with a set budget was a good idea as I only purchased items I knew I was going to use soon. This stack of cottons will become aprons. These following four fabrics were the only ones purchased for clothing and all will work nicely with the basic black items already in my summer wardrobe. Top to bottom: print - lightweight knit - knit wrap top; white stretch cotton with a hint of metallic - summer jacket; aqua cotton pique - summer jacket and skirt (not to be worn together); stretch metallic denim - for my niece to sew up into a summer jacket or skirt. I haven't chosen the exact patterns I'll use yet, but I did purchase with a plan in mind. (Oh! Did you catch that Carolyn - I have a P-L-A-N!)