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Today's the day - The Creative Connection

It's here! The Creative Connection s tarts today. I'm getting ready to head out the door to the jam-packed BlogHer Handmade Day.   Breakfast networking, sessions on blogging and creating community, fabulous keynote speakers at lunch... I'm super excited to meet some folks that I've been exchanging emails and Tweets.  And who knows? Maybe I'll be lucky enough to meet the infamous Gretchen from Gertie's new Blog for Better Sewing. Due to finances I could only attend one day (boo) so today's the day! Guess what I'm most excited about?  I have the opportunity to participate in a craft book pitch slam ! Yep!  I get all of three minutes to try and verbalize my idea to a panel of four experts in the industry.  Do you know how fast three minutes flies? Yeow! The weather today is definitely Minnesota fall-ish (30s right now) so I gotta run and try and find some of the my winter stuff. I'll be back tomorrow to tell you all about it!  Wish y