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Favorite sewing books

What's your favorite sewing book? It's hard to pick one as there are so many and each serves a different purpose. But if I had to choose one general sewing book it would be my Reader's Digest Complete Guide to Sewing . My copy, published in 1976, was found in a second hand book store marked down to $3. A steal for the amount of information it contains and how often I reference it. These are the others are in my top ten list under the category " general sewing instruction, fitting and fabric. " If we're talking inspiration or specific techniques I have other fabric books that fit those categories. What sewing book do you find yourself referring to over and over again?

Too much stuff means too little sewing

Too much stuff. Too much stuff. Too much stuff. That has been the running theme in our household over the past six months as we've been working on lightening the load. Like most everyone else in this economic downturn, we choose to use what we have rather than purchase new unless it was necessary. As part of that we decided to go through the house room by room and donate items we didn't use on a regular basis. Beginning in the kitchen . To the thrift store went extra sets of dishes, glasses and serving pieces as well as multiple settings of placemats, napkins and napkins rings. I no longer host dinner parties, and when I do they are much more casual than they used to be. Why should I hang onto these things when someone else could be enjoying them? Next stop, the bathroom . With deep vanity cabinets and a linen closet inside the main bathroom it was easy to tuck items away where they were out of sight, out of mind. First step was to donate towels and decorative items that n