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The easy DKNY dress is underway: Vogue 1250

When the latest designs from Vogue Patterns were released I fell in love with the DKNY knit dress, Vogue 1250 .  As did many of you! I was eager to whip one up for myself after seeing Carolyn's (LOVE), this beautiful red version (GORGEOUS), a vibrant blue version (WOW!) and of course the versions viewed on PatternReview . Between working and taking two classes my spare time (i.e. sewing time) is very limited. However, the other day I found myself with a few hours and quickly set out to sew this dress for myself. I choose a knit purchased recently from SR Harris . I knew the bold graphic print needed a simple design and with only two main pattern pieces this dress definately qualified. As I did zero alterations to the pattern I was able cut and sew it in about two hours. As soon as the last stitch was sewn I was changing out of my yoga pants and tee into the dress. Wearing my new creation, I stepped in front of the mirror expecting to be wowed and .... blah. That