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What's your blog's personality?

Most of you are probably familar with Myers-Briggs and other personality profiles. In fact, you've probably had your personality type analyzed - either in the classroom as a school project or in the workplace as a team-building exercise. I even knew of a dental office that analyzed it's patients based on their personality. They used it to help them adapt their interactions with their patients in a way that would be most comfortable to the patient. Since I was friends with a person who worked in that office, when I used their services I also took the test - only to have my friend review the results and mention "it doesn't sound like you at all." At that point I had to admit that I answered based on what I thought he might expect me to answer rather than my true responses. At this point, I must move back in time to explain to you that we had recently begun dating and I still in the trying to impress you stage. (Why in the world I thought being myself wasn't