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Tips for sewing itty-bitty (Barbie) doll clothes - Part 2

 **** If you're looking for the Barbie Chef Hat instructions, you'll find them on this post ***** Sewing itty-bitty doll clothes continues with part 2 - construction.   You can read part 1 here . Now that you’ve got the itty bitty patterns cut out - or traced - it's time to start sewing. A bit of practice tempered with patience and you’ll be producing runway worthy fashions for Barbie - other that itty bitty doll - in no time. Here are some tips that have helped me when sewing these little garments. Ditch the serger.   Sergers are great time-savers, but not for Barbie clothes. I've successfully serged clothing for American Girl dolls, but not smaller than that.  (And if you have, please leave tips for us in the comments!) I think they're not the right tool. Not only is it difficult to serge such a small seam, the extra thread created by the serger would result in too much bulk.    Don’t remove pattern pieces.   Keep the pattern pieces pinned to the fabric until

Tips for sewing itty-bitty doll clothes aka Barbie and other 11-1/2" fashion dolls

I've been sewing up a storm!  Just nothing I can share with you yet. One thing I am working on is some Barbie® doll clothes.  So, how about some tips for sewing itty-bitty doll clothes? Having sewn for Barbie® for years and years and years the first piece of advice I'll pass on is to not be afraid. They may be tiny but they really aren't as difficult as they look. I've got a lot to share so this is a three-part post.  Today is all about patterns and fabric. First of all, sewing for Barbie® - or any small fashion doll - is actually pretty fun.   You get to create high-quality, one-of-a-kind fashions while saving money.  Nice! Like many folks, when I first started sewing doll clothes I began by using commercial sewing patterns specifically designed for 11-1/2” fashion dolls.   After awhile I began making my own patterns for miniature versions of the current fashions. All of the major pattern companies— Butterick , McCall’s, Simplicity and Vogue —at one ti

A bundle of joy

This little bundle of joy was discovered while shopping for Christmas decorations at a local Tuesday Morning store.  If you're curious, it's a Liberty Mayfair fat quarter bundle and will work perfectly for a project I have in the works. ****************************************

Mistakes, I've made a few

A great piece of fabric combined with a great pattern does not always equal a great success. Case in point. Kwik Sew 3756 sewn from this fabric is U-G-L-Y.  Definitely not worth the time it would take me to finish sewing. On to bigger and better projects. ***********************************************