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What's white and blue and sparkles all over?

An apron perfect for a bride-to-be who's skill in the kitchen is limited baking cupcakes. (I can say that - she freely admits she doesn't cook.) The underskirt is adorned with a wide ruffle of sheer sparkly blue fabric with pearl encrusted flowers. While the upper skirt is an Alexander Henry fabric ( starling ) trimmed with vintage blue rick-rack that has just a touch of sparkle on it. Won't she look adorable wearing this apron while she serves her delicious cupcakes? One of my friend's is getting married soon and her co-worker's threw a recipe shower for her. Everyone brought a dish to share and gave her a copy of the recipe. Since I knew I wouldn't be able to make it to the shower in time to share the food, I did the next best thing. Whipped up a one of a kind apron fit for her. Modifying McCall's 5825 view B This McCall's pattern is for four retro inspired apron designs as well as an apron mitt. Knowing I only had two hours to cut, sew and wrap