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McCall's 7093 - Woven Top with Hi-Low Hem

Lately I've been shopping at what I call "fast-fashion" boutiques. You may know the ones I'm talking about. The fashions are current, trendy, fairly economical, limited sizes and quick turnover. And I've noticed many current patterns than mimic much of what I see in these boutiques. For example, McCall's 7093 is a style I've seen (but just can't bring myself to pay the $50+ price tag).  So I pulled out some rayon challis from the stash and sewed this pattern up to test the fit.  I did made a few minor  alterations to the pattern, but more about that later. Here's the front: Here's the back: As I mentioned, the fabric is a rayon challis. I purchased a remnant from the "designer fancies" table at a local fabric store that closed about a year ago.  It was a border print with a different pattern along each selvage edge.  (This pic is two separate photos showing each side of the fabric). I had to think about how I wanted the